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Are you the next big YouTube star?

You have just arrived in The Netherlands for a fantastic adventure while your family and friends are still at home! Start sharing your adventures as a Travel Active Reporter. If you become one of our new vloggers you get the honour of showing future exchange students how cool the High School Holland program is while working on your presentation skills! Who knows, you might have found a new career!

Travel Active will provide you with a camera and we ask you to capture your High School Holland adventure on camera. Not just your trips and big events, but also just everyday life. Show your audience what living in The Netherlands is really like. During your program you will regularly be in contact with Travel Active. You can propose topics, but Travel Active will also provide you with ideas. And the best thing is, and the hardest, we will do all the editing for you! Just send us the raw footage and we take care of the rest. The videos will be shown on Travel Active Channel.

When you return home you will have a number of professionally edited videos as a lasting memory and you actually made them yourself!

Are we looking for you?

We are looking for students who like to tell a story and know how to keep the viewers attention by their enthusiasm. You are creative, open and can’t wait to get started!

What do we expect from you?

  • Enthusiasm for vlogging and flexibility;
  • Eagerness to learn and wanting to improve yourself as a vlogger (with professional help of course);
  • We want you to shoot an introductory video in which you introduce yourself;
  • And we will give you an assignment so you will soon know if you are our latest Travel Active reporter.


Does this look like the perfect challenge for you, then do not hesitate any longer and upload your video and CV to Who knows, you might be the new Enzo Knol, yes you will soon find out who this famous Dutch vlogger is.

Are you interested in a sneal preview? Check out our brand new Travel Active Channel! 

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